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SPTLabtech promo, launch of the new Firefly


Fabulous Fireplaces, company promo


Director of Photography and Media Production in Surrey. Dorking Unlocked

Dorking Unlocked, Music & Arts Festival


The Street, Surrey Vineyard Church


media production in Surrey and director of photography. The calling, Surrey arts Promo

 The Calling, Surrey Arts Promo


Adapto San Isidro, Hearing Specialist


Making films for business

Video production is now one of the most direct ways to reach your target audience and engage customers with your brand, spreading awareness and generating sales. With over 15 years professional experience in the broadcast television Ricsblake Films has access to many industry professionals such as editors, graphics artists, producers and directors. Ricsblake Films was established to handle all aspects of media production and corporate video production. We have produced many films in various capacities, including online branding, promos and sporting events. Drawing on Ricardo’s experience and network Ricsblake Films can handle all of the vital aspects needed to complete a film including: script; pre-production; logistics; recruiting, editing, and filming.


Media Production and Corporate Video Production

Ricsblake Films has produced projects as a Media Production Company for clients including RedBull, the National Trust and GlaxoSmithKline. Sporting events, Art house features and online branding campaigns are examples of what we can supply clients as a Media Production Company.  Ricardo’s versatility, proficiency as a director of photography and producer and self-taught editor allow projects to be completed in house from small low-budget films to high end productions. Ricsblake Films has access to a network of freelancers flexible to the client’s budget from the point of conception to delivery.



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Case Studies

Red Bull

Deliverable To film a documentary covering the Red Bull Steeplechase

Ricardo sourced a seven-man crew to cover the 4-hour, 21 mile fell running competition in the Peak District. The production was a huge challenge logistically as the fastest runner could cover the terrain in just over four hours but vehicles were limited to accessing only the surrounding areas. Three operators had to alternate their positions so that all Steeplechase checkpoints could be covered, and under a strict timetable. Pre-planning was imperative, and Ricardo worked with the corporate video production crew to co-produce and pre-plan the production. Several finished deliverables were uploaded online, one short highlight package within a day of the event finish, and one longer highlights piece (seen here) a week later. Both received thousands of views


Surrey County Council/Arts Council England/National Trust

Deliverable To create a highlights package to commemorate the Harvest Celebration

Ricardo was entrusted to film and edit a corporate video production to capture an art council funded ‘Harvest Celebration” event.  A collective of various art forms such as sculpture, singing and photography Surrey Unearthed looked to document the event in an art house film. He was part of a seven-person crew and was involved in the planning, pre-production, filming and editing of the piece.  The production captured the art event which featured two a cappella groups of singers performing at the top and bottom of National Trust site BoxHill in Dorking over a mile radius at sunset. Thankfully the weather held, and at dusk the sky turned the same red as the LED hay bales turning the event into something truly special that the client felt Ricsblake Films had captured beautifully. 


New Life Church

Deliverable To produce a short film to increase online presence

Ricsblake Films worked closely with the client in the beginning to make sure the storyline would suit the client's needs. Casting, scouting locations and obtaining the correct  permits to film, we also undertook the fundamental task of scriptwriting. No film would work if the script was weak so a scriptwriter was contracted to structure the storyline whilst working closely with the client to figure out the best way of transmitting a message that could handle such sensitive material in a mature and considered form. Instead of using religion the client’s brief was to target a new audience by appealing more to their humanity. Filmed over two days, actors were briefed on their characters but no dialogue was written, all improvised their parts and what resulted was a highly rewarding collaborative creative process which the client deemed a huge success.